Our Values

Vision: To be a leading international property company, providing space to thrive

Mission: We create value for all our stakeholders through innovative and sustainable property solutions
We believe that the Growthpoint team is able to achieve our mission and vision by embracing and living the set of values we have chosen to follow. Through these values, we are able to create a culture that grows us, stretches us, challenges us, and defines us as a team.





/ourValuesPics/Be the best.jpgDo more. Go the extra mile. Be more. Be hungry. Be ambitious. Be better than yesterday. Be better than you ever thought you could be.
/ourValuesPics/Break new ground.jpgReinvent the future. Co-create the next big thing. Welcome change and embrace diversity in our team. Question. Challenge. Set us apart. Take us forward.
/ourValuesPics/The power of us.jpgCollaborate. Engage. Get involved. Do your bit. Be part of something bigger. Be who you are. Celebrate the diversity of those around you. Respect them. Support. Find solutions. Spark. Share. Strive towards a common goal. Make it happen. Together.
/ourValuesPics/Wow them.jpgDon’t ask why. Ask why not? Ask how we can do it better. Care too much. Defy expectations. Make it first class, five star, above and beyond. Every time.
/ourValuesPics/Own it.jpgNurture it. Value it. This is what it takes to create growth for all our stakeholders and the communities around us. Respect the people and the process. Focus on the details. Make it yours.

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