Group Overview

We own a quality portfolio of
525 properties providing 6,7 million m² of retail, office and industrial space to leading South African and Australian businesses.
The 53 Properties in GOZ were valued at
R22,0 billion of which we own 65%

Growthpoint's 50% Interest in the properties  in the V&A Waterfront was valued at
R6,8 billion


Total property assets were valued at
R100,4 billion which includes 100% of Growthpoint Properties Australia (GOZ) and Growthpoint's 50% interest in the V&A Waterfront
The 471 properties in RSA (excluding the V&A Waterfront) were valued at R71,6 billion
During FY15, we generated distributed earnings of R4,2 billion
We employ 700 people in three regional offices and various properties in RSA
We acquired Acucap Properties Limited (Acucap) and Sycom Property Fund (Sycom) properties for
R18,6 billion